Sunday, April 11, 2021
Bumblebee Brain

Bumblebee Brain Could Unlock Next-Gen Autonomous Drone Technology

Bumblebee’s exceptional flying abilities and acute awareness of its surroundings have caught the attention of researchers, who believe that the humble bumblebee brain could...

GM to Invest $27 Billion in Electric and Driverless Vehicles over Five Years

With the goal to accelerate the development of electric and autonomous vehicles and gain a larger market share in the future automotive market, General...
InDro Robotics

Canada’s InDro Robotics Receives Permit to Deliver Cargo using Drones

InDro Robotics, a leading Canadian firms specializing in Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, has received permission from the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) to carry...
Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop Conducts First-Ever Human Test for Hyperloop Pods

Virgin Hyperloop announced that it has become the first company to conduct a human test of the hyperloop transport technology.  The test took place...
Vatican Digital Library

Vatican Digital Library Employs AI to Fight Against Cyber Attacks

The Vatican Apostolic Library, which holds 80,000 documents of immense historical and religious importance and immeasurable value, including the oldest surviving copy of the Bible...